Clean smooth skin without inflammation and a feeling of tightness

The herbal formula with vitamin E is designed for high-quality cleansing of the epidermis without feeling tight and overdried. The product removes even long-lasting makeup after the party, penetrating deeply into the pores, prepares the skin for further cleansing and care.
A complex of extracts – peony, blackberry, blueberry – with an antioxidant and protective effect reduces the reactivity of the skin to the negative effects of atmospheric pollution, tones, promotes cleansing.
Vitamin E stimulates cell renewal and helps fight inflammation. The balm restores the water-lipid balance. The skin evens out, acquiring a beautiful matte and natural radiance. Due to the high oil content, shea balm has an unsurpassed texture.
When in contact with water, it turns into a silky oil, instantly removing particles of even the most persistent makeup from the surface of the skin, lips and eyes, making the skin moisturized and soft.

Cleansing Balm + Makeup Remover (Botavikos) 50ml



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