• has a rejuvenating and lifting effect
• helps to eliminate swelling and dark circles under the eyes
• deeply moisturizes, strengthens and smoothes
• stimulates natural regenerating processes

Active ingredients:
Caffeine – effectively tones, helps to eliminate swelling and dark circles under the eyes, making the look radiant.
Chlorella microalgae extract – allows you to more actively form new blood capillaries from existing vessels and removes small vascular defects.
Jojoba oil – reduces the “crow’s feet”, does not allow the eyelids to sag.
Pomegranate extract – stimulates the synthesis of collagen, increases skin elasticity, softens, brightening pigment spots.
Cornflower extract – prevents skin aging by binding free radicals, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of blood vessels, has a drainage effect, removing excess fluid and reducing the swelling and severity of dark circles under the eyes.
Essential oils of lavender and lemon – lighten dark circles under the eyes, reduce swelling of the lower eyelid, give radiance and tighten the skin, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Deep Repair Rejuvenating Eye Mask (Botavikos) 75 ml



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