Clean smooth moisturized skin

Crushed shell of pine nuts and apricot seeds in small and large fractions gently cleanses the skin, improves blood microcirculation, starting the process of cell regeneration. Different fractions of abrasive particles allow you to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin without causing its microdamages, providing a polishing effect.

Beta-carotene has an anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins, improves skin texture.

A complex of valuable vegetable oils – olives, carrot seeds, flax seeds – softens, moisturizes the skin, maintaining an optimal level of hydration, rejuvenates and evens the surface. Vitamin E prevents drying of the skin and peeling, gives smoothness and elasticity. Detox scrub is suitable for regular non-traumatic cleansing, prepare the skin for subsequent nourishing and moisturizing care.

Detox Body Scrub (Botavikos) 250ml



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