The cream evens out the skin in problem areas, effectively tightens, prevents the appearance of stretch marks. The action of caffeine and green coffee extract is aimed at improving skin tone and restoring tissue contours. They contribute to the removal of excess fluid and the removal of edema.

Thanks to the combination of vegetable oils in the composition, the product intensively cares for the skin – moisturizes, nourishes, softens. Arnica extract accelerates the process of cell renewal, stimulates detoxification, takes care of blood vessels with varicose veins. Thanks to the anti-cellulite complex of essential oils – orange, grapefruit, geranium, pimenta, ginger – the process of metabolism of fat cells is accelerated, skin turgor increases.

Natural essences act as a mild aromatherapy, filling the care with a pleasant citrus aroma with hot spice notes.

Modelling Body Cream Anti-Cellulite Complex (Botavikos) 200ml



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