The airy weightless texture of butter mousse and the warm floral aroma of essential oils are ideal for comfortable daily skin care and mild botanical aromatherapy.
Shea butter and coconut oil – gently care for the skin of any type even during periods of seasonal exhaustion, nourish, soften overdried skin areas, protect against external influences, smooth the relief.
Panthenol – helps to retain moisture in the upper layers of the skin, restores water-lipid balance, eliminates the feeling of tightness, soothes sensitive skin, restores the epidermis after sunburn.
Antioxidant vitamin A – tightens the skin, improves tone and gives a healthy appearance.
Particles of silver mica* of natural origin give a delicate cool glow, create a beautiful uniform skin color, smoothing out irregularities.
On-air composition: Bergamot / Coriander / Rose / Jasmine / Ambergris / Musk

PERFUMED BODY BUTTER MOUSSE Rose - Jasmine (Botavikos) 150ml



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