Flawlessly clean skin without oily shine

Natural face mask is designed for flawless cleansing, getting rid of black spots and giving smoothness to the skin. With regular use, charcoal deeply cleanses the epidermis of contaminants and toxins, narrows pores, leveling the micro-relief without traumatic effects. Anti-pollution complex protects the skin from oxidative stress and promotes detoxification.

An extensive complex of plant extracts with a high content of peony, blueberries, blackberries, green tea, ginger is aimed at reducing the reactivity of the skin to negative external factors – temperature changes, dry air, dust, ultraviolet, maintaining water-lipid balance.

Extracts saturate the skin with useful substances, participate in the process of cleansing the skin due to the acids in the composition, soothe inflamed areas, return a healthy appearance and radiance to stress-depleted skin.

Purifying Mask for Pores & Blackheads (Botavikos)



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