• provides enhanced hydration and deep cellular hydration
• restores the balance and level of natural protection of the skin
• smoothes wrinkles and strengthens micro-relief
• helps to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin
• gives a comfortable freshness and healthy complexion

Active ingredients:
Vitamin B3 – has excellent moisturizing properties, and restores the lipid barrier of the skin.
Hyaluronic acid – prevents thinning of the skin, increases moisture reserves, preserves the youth and beauty of the skin.
Brown seaweed extract – intensively moisturizes, increases the protective properties of the skin, soothes.
Violet extract – stimulates the formation of epidermal hyaluronic acid, increases the circulation of water in the skin, significantly increasing the level of hydration and elasticity of the skin.
Cloudberry extract is a powerful antioxidant effect, vitaminizes and returns a healthy, radiant complexion.
Essential oils of lime, mint, zdravoza – refresh, cleanse and improve the complexion, prevent the appearance of imperfections, give a feeling of freshness and even out skin tone.

Blooming Fresh Hydrating Facial Serum (Botavikos) 30ml



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