Saka salt crystals and crushed pine nut shells are natural abrasives for exfoliating dead skin cells. Salt crystals contain the living biology of the sea and dissolve during use, providing the scrub with a melting texture.

Cocoa butter – improves skin relief, gives softness, relieves fatigue

Green clay – pulls out toxins, toxins and impurities, makes the skin clean and radiant, relieves peeling, narrows pores, relieves inflammation.

The citrus composition of essential oils surprises with an invigorating chord, starting with the usual cool notes of orange and grapefruit, against the background of exquisite spices of burning black pepper and bright contrasting ginger. In addition, 100% essential oils greatly enhance the effect of useful components

Anti-cellulite Sea Salt Body Scrub Macadamia & Sweet Orange (Botavikos) 200ml



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